Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hello World!

I'm Erik, a Swedish-American 20-something with my eye on a Biochemistry degree at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. A recent personal event caused me to become increasingly interested in the discussions, debates, and in some cases--hostility, surrounding the ever-present nagging question of the Universe--how did it happen?

This blog is intended to be an open-minded analysis of various approaches to history and exploring the human condition. I will not hide my intentions, because I realize that my tone will be colored by what I already believe. Lucky for me, I believe that the most important questions that can be asked when explaining one's reasoning is "why?" If you can see an opportunity to ask that question, you're not done yet.

So I'm going to investigate the how's and the why's, not just the what, when and where of my source of analysis. Feel free to join me--I certainly hope that what I write will be interesting to everyone; at least I intend to try.